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Existential Angst: Men vs. Women in Autobio Comics by Kim O’Connor over at The Hooded Utilitarian

I always find this subject interesting, and I think Kim makes many fair points. It does feel to me like the men-and-their-dicks sub-genre of autobiographical comics has declined in recent years. I am pretty sure I must have argued in the Roz Chast/Joe Matt episode of TCJ Talkies that Joe Matt’s SPENT was the last word in Sad Man Pulls at Himself comics, taking the concept to it’s desperate and bleak end point, comics that are literally 30 pages of a grown man in a bedroom rambling to himself in-between epic marathon masturbation sessions.

I became conscious of alternative comics right at that moment when the Sad Man was King. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for him, unloved by the women he desires, surrounded by possessions that remind him of childhood, thinking about his penis, and sometimes drawing about it. But I’m glad the Sad Man’s time may have passed.


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I just realized that around this exact time 10 years ago I started making comics professionally thanks to Harvey Pekar.

3 color screen print. Drawings by DW separations by yours truly.

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From Elementary Platen Presswork by Ralph W. Polk.
It looks like Good Pals Printing might be Good Pals Press in the near future.

Hope we don’t lose any limbs.