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Nice! I love it when Mike Dawson talks with other cartoonists.

Hey! Are you heading out to San Diego Comic-Con? I drew you a little map to show you where you can find us. Too far of a stroll? We’ll deliver comics right to your door. Click here.I know, we’re great.

Do it!

I just realized that around this exact time 10 years ago I started making comics professionally thanks to Harvey Pekar.

3 color screen print. Drawings by DW separations by yours truly.

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From Elementary Platen Presswork by Ralph W. Polk.
It looks like Good Pals Printing might be Good Pals Press in the near future.

Hope we don’t lose any limbs.
Some ATM action.
Panel editz.
My cartooning style is influenced very heavily by older strips such as Gasoline Alley and Popeye. One thing that has been bugging me lately is how bent the visual language is towards the white figure. I can’t find any examples of people of color being drawn in these styles that isn’t horribly offensive. There are plenty of contemporary cartoonists that are heavily influenced by these styles as well, and it seems that all of them (myself included) have avoided the issue and in doing so, avoided including different races into the stories they tell. I’m trying to work on that, I’m very upset that bigotry in ingrained this deeply into who I am and what I love.PS - If anyone can find me some examples of what I’m looking for, I would be super grateful.Above art: Gasoline Alley by Frank King

I'm getting harassed because I got harassed


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I enjoy Mr. Lobdell’s writing in comics, he has had some very good story arcs in the super-hero genre…I have just today found out about this panel…